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"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." -

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In July 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, I started a journey to find myself and learn how to be a better leader at the INCOSE Technical Leadership Institute.

I discovered with joy that the journey is not made, and the questions we make shall remain open during the journey. I learned we had tools to measure the level of awareness we might have of ourselves and have some tests like the 360 assessments or the DiSC. I requested to interview many people to avoid biases, and I realized that my image of myself was not so different from the one other people had of me. I discovered I had blind spots and probably still will have some, but the number is reduced while the awareness rise.

I found out that having people interested in helping each other grow is marvelous, and many mentors are available if we ask for it. Humanity is a gift, and people with a good heart are around us; we just must have our eyes open. As Hubert Humphrey said, “The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” And the most important is to be thankful and kind. Thankfulness leads us to kindness, and kindness leads us to empathy, which makes us better persons and professionals. A team is built upon humanity, and the more we care for the core of the team, the most thankful they will be and the more they will leave you to lead them, not manage them, but it is another interesting topic that is out of scope now.

It was a pleasure to learn about the concepts of complexity and complicated, the Cynefin framework, holistic approaches, and emergent practice. These concepts help in the Systems Engineering field and any application domain; it helps to lead projects to be more successful and take advantage of the synergy and the system thinking approach.

Knowing myself as a leader is part of the journey. I believe that kindness produces an environment of high energy in the background. And in harmony, the job is better made. Of course, I would like to be a leader who mixes several pure types of leaders, which will evolve. I would like to be a kind, mentoring, and affiliative facilitator

  • Kind: to create a climate of trust, truth, understanding, and a team-up environment.
  • Mentoring: We can learn together to provide a growing-up ecosystem for each team member.
  • Affiliative: to promote the team's soft and technical skills.

I believe that a kind leader will increase the productivity of the team. The important is to handle any decision, even hard ones, with kindness.

The journey continues...

"Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better"

- Bill Bradley

"I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care."

-Lou Holtz

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

-John F. Kennedy

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."

- Oprah Winfrey

About Me

I am Systems Engineer & Computer Science professional. I obtained the E-commerce / Networks MSc. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Information Systems in the Carlos III of Madrid University. My central research areas are Systems/Software Engineering, Information Engineering, Knowledge Management, and Reuse; I am also interested in Ethics and innovative learning methods. I am an experienced Knowledge Management and Domain Architect with experience in projects in the academic environment and industry. Able to deal with diverse domains, strong engineering professional skilled in Computer Science, Ontologies, Linux/Unix, and Algorithms.

I have lived in many countries; cultures and their interactions are challenging. My native speaking language is Spanish, and I speak English fluently. Due to my roots, I have on my bag the Galician, and I would love to improve: my Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, and German. I consider myself a goal-oriented and teamwork advocate.

I am currently an Associate Tenure Track Professor; the President (2022-2023) and Treasurer (2016-2023) of the INCOSE Spain Chapter (AEIS); INCOSE EWLSE EMEA Lead; DEI INCOSE EMEA Representative, INCOSE TLI Cohort 6; and coordinate financial management activities of the Knowledge Reuse group.

Member of OMG, INCOSE, and CSTA. Certified in ITIL, ININ, ISO20000, and ISO15288 (in progress).

I have publications in knowledge management, systems engineering, requirements engineering, software engineering, and ethics; two patents in exploitation; and I currently lead two EU research projects.

I am co-leading an innovative and inclusive project in Spain (ALMA project) for teaching advanced IT concepts to people with neurodevelopmental disorders, leading them to a professional career where they will be capable to get a job. I feel so happy when they succeed. We are making a difference!

I am proud to say that one of the most important projects I co-lead is IMOLA for ELRA, ReuseCompany, and EU Commission. It is a beautiful project and a challenge because of the domain to be represented, the multiple languages involved, the diversity of legal systems to manage, and the technological challenges of interoperability, EU regulations, and complex collaboration with other related projects. IMOLA is creating the EU Land Registry Vocabulary and Document (ELRD), harmonizing the land Registry legal systems in Europe to find an EU Universal Land Registry language that we can share, understand and interoperate.

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
– Isaac Newton


I love spending time with family, helping people, SciFi series, enjoying nature, and taking care of animals.


"Anabel is a very dedicated and hard worker professional who works very well under stress timelines. Always completes tasks on time with outstanding results. She is both enthusiastic and creative, with the ability to generate ideas that are both practical and forward thinking. A terrific person to have on your team. Highly recommend Anabel as an outstanding IT professional"

"I had the opportunity to be mentored by Anabel when I was doing my Master's dissertation. During that time, she proved her ability to communicate the knowledge that you need to success. She's also an excellent teacher, committed to her work and her students."

"I had the honor of having Anabel as my Final Project tutor. Anabel is a great professional, very dedicated and approachable, besides having very good knowledge of software engineering and ontologies. I am sure that with Anabel any project of any nature will be satisfactory."

"Anabel is an excellent person and professional. Very willing to work in a team, share her knowledge and very outstanding at work."


Most relevant experience among all that I am involved...

Associate Tenure Professor - Researcher


My central areas of research are System / Software Engineering, Information Engineering, Knowledge Management, and Reuse; but also interested in ethics and innovative methods of learning supporting new software architects and CS Curriculum.

I am an experienced Domain Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the program development and IT industry. Able to deal with diverse domains, strong engineering professional skilled in Computer Science, English, Ontologies, Linux/Unix, and Algorithms.

Teaching Systems/Software Engineering, Quality Standards, Information Engineering, Knowledge Management, and Programming. Certified in ITIL v2 and v3, and ISO20000.

I led the IT and economic management of the Knowledge Reuse Group at UC3M, to which I belong.



AEIS (Asociación Española de Ingeniería de Sistemas)  Chapter President since 2022, and Treasurer since 2016.

Founder and co-chair of the Ontologies and Knowledge Management Working Group from 2016 to 2019.

Technical Leadership Institute Program Cohort 6  2020-2022.

INCOSE EWLSE EMEA lead since April 2022.

INCOSE EMEA DEI representative since July 2022.

Member of INCOSE since 2010.

Domain Architect and SE specialist (Research activities and consultancy - Spin-off UC3M)


Research activities applied to industrial environments.

System Administrator, Project Manager and Consultant


I worked at Digitel-TIM Mobile, TEL-FREE INC and OLTP Voice companies as Unix/Linux/Windows System Administrator and Project Manager; also SAS/MDS and ININ administration. During my studies I worked in my campus as Unix System Administrator and email server administrator for the whole university.

Research and teaching activities


Most relevant papers published in journals and conferences


Most relevant courses


Most relevant projects, at national and international level


Full list of publications here.

Moreno, V.; Génova, G; Alejandres, M.; Fraga, A.

Automatic Classification of Web Images as UML Static Diagrams Using Machine Learning Techniques.

Applied Sciences 10(7) (2020) Q2

Álvarez Rodríguez, J., Mendieta, R., de la Vara, J., Fraga, A., Llorens Morillo, J.

Enabling System Artefact Exchange and Selection through a Linked Data Layer.

J. UCS 24(11): 1536-1560 (2018) Q3

Genova, G., Astudillo, H., Fraga, A.

The Scientometric Bubble Considered Harmful.

Science and Engineering Ethics. 1-9. (2014) Q1

Robles, K., Fraga, A., Morato, J., & Llorens, J.

Towards an ontology-based retrieval of UML Class Diagrams.

Information and Software Technology, 54(1), 72-86. (2012) Q1

Moreno, V.; Génova, G; Parra, E.; Fraga, A.

Application of machine learning techniques to the flexible assessment and improvement of requirements quality.

Software Quality Journal (2020) Q3

Parra, E., Dimou, C., Llorens, J., Moreno, V., Fraga A.

A methodology for the classification of quality of requirements using machine learning techniques.

Information and Software Technology. (2015) Q1

Peñalver-Martinez, I., Garcia-Sanchez, F., Valencia-Garcia, R., Rodríguez-García, M. Á., Moreno, V., Fraga, A., & Sánchez-Cervantes, J. L.

Feature-based opinion mining through ontologies.

Expert Systems with Applications, 41(13), 5995-6008. (2014) Q1

Morato, J., Sánchez-Cuadrado, S, Fraga, A., & Moreno, V.

Hacia una web semántica social.

El profesional de la información, 17(1), 78-85. (2008) Q3

Fraga A., Llorens J., Génova G. Towards a Methodology for Knowledge Reuse Based on Semantic Repositories.

Information Systems Frontiers 21(1): 5-25 (2019) Q2

Exman, I., Llorens, J., Fraga, A., Alvarez-Rodríguez, J.

SKYWARE: The unavoidable convergence of Software towards [Runnable] Knowledge.

Journal of Universal Computer Science. (2015) Q3

Genova, G., Llorens, J., Fraga, A.

Metamodeling generalization and other directed relationships in UML.

Information and Software Technology.  56(7), 718-726. (2014) Q1

Génova, G., González, M. R., & Fraga, A.

Ethical education in software engineering: Responsibility in the production of complex systems.

Science and engineering ethics, 13(4), 505-522. (2007) Q2


Most recent courses.


Programming in Java for students on the first course of Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Telematics, Comunication Systems...)

Including SPOC, and Innovative programs

Information Engineering

In this subject students learn how knowledge organization systems, standards and information systems cohexist and interact to interoperate using semantics.

Innovative programs and a practical study

Software and Systems Quality

In this subject students learn the quality of systems and software  by standards: ISO 15288, ISO 12207, ISO 25000, ISO 20000, ITIL.

Innovative program and practical study based on real projects


Most recent EU projects.


Interoperability using Knowledge Management among Land Registry domain in Europe.

EC Civil Justice Programme - JUST AG-2016-05 / Grant Agreement nº 764350 / ELRA (EU)

27 European Land Registry entities, ELRA and academic partners from Italy (Trento) and UK (Maastricht)


Objective: Interoperate and harmonize the LR domain in EU


Integrated, Fail-Operational, Cognitive Perception, Planning and Control Systems for Highly Automated Vehicles.

ECSEL JU EU / National AEI


Objective: advance in the high quality of automotive systems.


Critical System Engineering Acceleration

ARTEMISA (EU) + National foundings (Ministry)


Objective: Adapt critical methodologies in the system developmen process.